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Horse Training

Horse Training

Is your colt ready to start? Does your horse have a problem that needs to be solved? Maybe need some help getting it ready to sell? Send them our way for professional colt starting and training with Reese Creek. RCR has been training horses for 15 years, and has extensive experience in cow horses for work and show. We follow the methods of many great horsemen such as; Buck Brannaman, Clinton Anderson, and have trained personally with Sam Gemaehlich. Our training styles can help you and your horse be excellent partners. Take advantage of our 35 acres trails and trail course with belly high water. RCR specializes in cow, ranch trails and colt starting. Your horse will be happy and safe while they are in training at Reese Creek Ranch in Eagle Point, Oregon where we feed high quality grass and/ or Klamath alfalfa twice a day. Starting at $750/ month for 5 training days a week, with a daily log so you know your horse’s progress as it happens. Full care board, and 2 free lessons included. Give us a call today and tell us how we can help you and your equine friend!

Colt Starting

Colt Starting

RCR starts horses from all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. We believe in giving them a solid foundation on the ground and confidence in the saddle to set them up for success wherever their future takes them!

Trail Training

Trail Training

Trail riding is an ever-growing activity that is a fun and relaxing thing to do with your horse. We have over 40 acres of trails with extreme trail course obstacles and wildlife to fix all sorts of issues from spookiness or unwillingness to cross water to barn or buddy sourness.

Horse Training Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Everyone gets that horse at some point in their lives that causes some trouble and needs some professional help. Titus is willing to take on any problem that your horse decides to throw at him and send back a well-mannered partner.


Show & Sale Preparation

Kayla Stone has numerous years of experience with getting horses ready for both sale and showing. Kayla can help with getting your horse tuned up and cleaned up and ready for the showpen. She is also happy to help you sell your horse on consignment, just drop off the horse and pick up a check!

Horse Treaining-Cow and Ranch Work

Cow & Ranch Work

Whether you are going to work your horse on the ranch or show in the stock horse competitions, we can help! Your horse will get broke to ropes, dragging objects, cattle, riding outside, and general softness and willingness under saddle while they are in training.

Horse Training - Ground Work

Ground Work

We accept all ages of horses for ground work training, broke or not. We work on respectfulness, sacking out, and if the owner desires we can teach them how to haunch turn, sidepass, and so much more.