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Horse Training

Horse Training - Reese Creek Ranch

We are one of only a hand full of facilities that offer both English and Western disciplines for you and your horse. Are you interested in reined cow horses? Want to learn to jump? Does your horse have a problem that needs to be solved? Maybe need some help getting it ready to sell? Send them our way for professional training with Reese Creek Ranch. Hannah Baier English/ Hunter Jumper Trainer and Mary Dorsek who has many NRCHA Championship titles. Both of our trainers can take you from the beginning to the show pen in the discipline you have set your goals to achieve. Our training styles can help you and your horse be excellent partners. Take advantage of our 35 acres of trails and trail course with belly high water. At Reese Creek Ranch we will tailor a training program to fit you and your horse so that you may reach those personal goals you may have. Your horse will be happy and safe while they are in training at Reese Creek Ranch in Eagle Point, Oregon where we feed high quality grass and/ or Klamath alfalfa twice a day. Prices Starting at $750/ including board per month for 5 training days a week, with a daily log so you know your horse’s progress as it happens. Give us a call today and tell us how we can help you and your equine friend!


Mary Dosek - Horse Trainer - Reese Creek Ranch


Cow Horse Training

Mary Dosek - Cow Horse Training

Mary specializes is in rein cows horses, But will also be teaching and training all around good ranch versatility horses.

Hunter Jumper Training

Mary Dosek - Lessons

Another specialty of Mary’s, is that she has devised fun ways for both rider and horse to build confidence, and Horsemanship’skills.

English Riding Instruction

Mary Dosek Cow Horse Training

 Mary is a nationally know NRCHA trainer. She has won Multiple NRCHA Championships Including LTD Open Hackamore Championship in 2007 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity.


Hannah Baier - English Trainer

Our current trainer and riding instructor Hannah Baier River Road Horsemanship has decided to focus on her specialty and love,  English riding and Jumping. 

Horse Treaining-Cow and Ranch Work

Hannah Baier - English Trainer

Hannah has traveled the world training and instructing. Hannah has trained at some of the most prestigious barns abroad. She is a Colorado State Grad with a degree in animal science. Hannah can help you with everything in English Riding  from equitation, horsemanship and of course her specialty, Jumping.

Horse Training - Ground Work

Hannah Baier - English Riding

Hannah can take you from Beginner to showing. We have great lessons horses or bring your own. Hannah has both private and group lessons. Both week days and weekends! You will get to learn to groom, saddle and basic care of horses in addition to riding.